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After a complete computer failure a few years where I lost lots of valuable information and musical compositions I decided to set up a redundancy system which included and online storage back up. I decided on SugarSync, Inc based in San Mateo CA.I used the service for a few years and frankly forgot I had the subscription by 2014 because I set up a personal redundancy system of my own.

On July 2, 2015 I received a notice by e-mail that my Debit card was charged $99.99 for the upcoming years service. I went to my account on SugarSync site and realized I hadn't used the service since 2013 so I decided to cancel the subscription. I saw that my renewal debit date by their contract was for July 3, 2015. Sugarsync had posted the deduction of July 2, so I felt I had 24 hours to cancel and get my money back.

Turns out, the ONLY way to cancel was by 'chat' on their site. Ok. So I went to the Cancel chat link and followed the links. After logging in I got a curt chat message..."all of our representatives are busy try late' at which point the chat disconnected. I tried 2x, 3x 5x at least 10 x and got the same message. Had to go to work..got home and saw the 'cancel' hours are between 10:00AM and 2:30PM. so I was out of luck. I tried the next day and the next..always the same message. I found a Phone number for 'cancellation' and called it DURING the POSTED cancellation hours" Voice message: All our offices are closed, call back later.goodbye"

The dread was building in me, it appeared to me that the 'cancellation site was just a shell and that NO ONE was going to answer to cancel. I immediately got online with My bank, but they could not stop the charge to my account. I cancelled my Debit card so that at least next year SugarSync could not do the same thing. My bank opened an investigation but I have heard nothing back yet. After another week I went to the online BBB to file a claim. Lo, and behold, there was a complaint so similar to mine that I thought that I had already posted a complaint and had forgotten about it. But this cpmplaint was eventually resolved with the cancellation of service AND a refund. I have been communicating back and forth with BBB and so far I have gotten the cancellation BUT, no refund. The latest letter from SugarSync to the BBB stated that as to the lack of refund "That is correct, we have no refund policy". So I rejected the last submission from the BB so now I will see if I need to file a small claim against SugarSync.

I also noticed that SugarSync is "NOT ACCREDITED BY THE BB'

So there you have it , It is like returning an item to a store, the store receives the item AND KEEPS your money too! Is that legal? It is certainly unethical!

Reason of review: Unethical business practice.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Storage was a bargain and easy to use.

I didn't like: Cancellation and refund policy.

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Pleasantville, New York, United States #1319108

Same problem here


Same problem here, also. Sadly, the cancellation link "loophole" has apparently been closed. Not looking forward to trying to get thru on the phone.

London, England, United Kingdom #1237251

Have the same problem. Absolutely appalling.




The cancellation appears to work. Many thanks for posting this. What a horrible company to deal with.


Thanks very much for posting that cancellation link!

I was a long-term Sugarsync user, but only because I never actually needed to restore files. I found out recently that without any indication (program says "all files backed up and synched") many files are not in fact backed up to the cloud. Totally unacceptable!

Will never use that company again!

to Anonymous #1144029

Thanks so much, it worked for me. This is totally bullying service.

Bossier City, Louisiana, United States #1106269

I was able to get someone to have me cancel. He gave me this link https://ACCOUNTNAME.sugarsync.com/account/cancel?userVerified=true&displayName=EMAIL&gse=false

It brought me to a page where I could easily cancel my account.

Replace ACCOUNTNAME with your account name as it appears in the url when you view your files. Replace EMAIL with your email address on your account, but replace the @ symbol with %40.

I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but it worked for me.

to Anonymous #1109692

This worked for me also. Thank you!

to Anonymous Kensington, New South Wales, Australia #1111236

thanks, it works.

finally I can cancel the paid sugarsinc

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1109739

Thanks for this. Though it was too late for me,, I did get a cancellation and my bank credited my account as a fraud transaction, and pursued SugarSync..not sure if Bank got SugarSync to pony up the dough..BUT...I have learned to be VERY VERY wary of NEGATIVE OPTION CANCELLATION POLICIES.

That is where you sign up for something and the company continues to debit your account and send you/ provide you with whatever with the promise that you can call/e-mail some site and cancel. I have found many stories of people getting account debits and not being able to cancel because they can't 'get through'.

I have also noticed that a lot of times, on a 'single' order, there is tiny legalese saying that the product will continue to be shipped and billed until you actively ;'Stop' it. I ALWAYS LOOK for that tiny writing before ordering.

to Anonymous #1120317

hi from - austria

i found your posting after having also problems to cancle my account - just one question the accountname = is this a combination of nearly 100 or more letters, numbers ?

thanks for an answer


to peter #1124917

finaly i got it - it works for me too - thank - peter

to Anonymous #1124512

Thanks very much for this! I live in Australia and had to wake up at 4am to try to get on to their 'chat' to cancel my account but they are never available.

This worked for me straight away. SugarSync is a scam.

to Anonymous #1155653

Worked for me too, great ***, thanks!

to Anonymous Elmont, New York, United States #1159007

Thank you! The link worked and it saved me time and hassle.

Sugar Sync (KeepItSafe Inc.) make it hard to cancel - NO REFUND once charged (don't waste your time) and no button for cancel anywhere on the page. Support is not great either.

to Anonymous #1166684

this worked for me!! Perfect. For those who want to know or have asked what your account name is, got to settings, you will see NAME: mine was this without the spaces


I am trying to cancel on a monthly contract. I tried last month to do so before the payment date but couldn't because of the little window they allow you in which to cancel.

I am in Hong Kong so that window falls between 2am-6am!

All that is left is to contact the credit card company. Madness!


I have the same experience. The cancellation practices of Sugarsync are very unprofessional. This is bad practice.


They have done the same to me. No way to contact them. I am going to cancel the card I used to set up the direct debit.

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